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Create an actionable message card

Let's start by creating an actionable message card. We'll start with something simple, just a basic card with an HttpPOST action and an OpenUri action. We'll use the Card Playground to design the card.

Go to Card Playground and paste in the following JSON:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "MessageCard",
  "themeColor": "0072C6",
  "title": "Visit the Outlook Dev Portal",
  "text": "Click **Learn More** to learn more about Actionable Messages!",
  "potentialAction": [
      "@type": "ActionCard",
      "name": "Send Feedback",
      "inputs": [
          "@type": "TextInput",
          "id": "feedback",
          "isMultiline": true,
          "title": Name Hoodie Pullover Navy Tigers Auburn Arch "Let us know what you think about Actionable Messages"
      "actions": [
          "@type": "HttpPOST",
          "name": "Send Feedback",
          "isPrimary": true,
          "target": "http://..."
      "@type": "OpenUri",
      "name": "Learn More",
      "targets"Jersey Trey Basketball Wolverines Gold College Burke 3 Stitched: [
        { "os": "default", "uri": "" }

Feel free to experiment with this simple example in the playground. You can see the message card reference for details on the available fields. Once you have a card you're happy with, you can move on to sending it.

Sending actionable messages via Office 365 Connectorsgold Football Morten Andersen Black New Player Orleans Stitched - Hat Adjustable 7 Snapback Saints

Connectors use webhooks to create Connector Card messages within an Office 365 group. Developers can create these cards by sending an HTTP request with a simple JSON payload to an Office 365 group webhook address. Let's try posting some basic cards to a group.

You'll need an Office 365 subscription to proceed. If you do not have an Office 365 subscription you can get a one year FREE Office 365 Subscription under the Office 365 Developer Program.

Get a connector webhook URL for your InboxCollege 15 Walker Kemba Basketball Jersey Navy Huskies Blue Stitched

  1. Log on to the Office 365 Mail app at Click the gear icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the page, and select Manage connectors.

  2. Locate and select the Incoming Webhook connector in the list of available connectors.

  3. College Tigers Blue Cam Fashion Jersey Player Stitched Newton 2
  4. Enter a name for this connector and choose Create.

  5. Copy the webhook URL that is displayed and save it. Choose Done.

The webhook URL should look similar to the following:

Name Hoodie Pullover Navy Tigers Auburn Arch HTTP 

Send the message

Use Postman to post an actionable message payload to the webhook URL. Open Postman. Create a new tab if needed and configure the tab as follows:

  1. Click the GET and change to POST.

  2. In the text box labeled Enter request URL paste the webhook URL.

  3. Click Body underneath the URL, then select the raw option.

  4. Click Text and change to JSON (application/json).

  5. Enter the message card JSON in the text area below.

    The Postman window should look like this when you are done:

  6. Click Send to post the message.