Allen Stitched 33 Marcus Trojans Jersey White
Allen Stitched 33 Marcus Trojans Jersey White
Allen Stitched 33 Marcus Trojans Jersey White
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Oct 11, 2017 · 3 min read
Allen Stitched 33 Marcus Trojans Jersey White

Markdown has been the sole text editing tool available to Buckets users to date, due to it’s simplicity and growing popularity. There are a lot of perks to using Markdown once you know all of the shortcuts and commands — and once you gets to grips with it, it’s actually really easy to learn. But not everyone will want to use it if they’re not familiar with it already. And why should they have to?

Personally, I’ve found that Markdown is relatively easy to familiarize yourself with when it comes to the basics. But if you’re used to simply clicking on the B or I symbol in your Wordpress toolbar to convert text into bold or italics when typing out content, then using Markdown is going to feel like a bit of a learning curve regardless of how easy it is. It’ll definitely take a while for it to feel intuitive to someone who has never used it before.

To help our users adapt to this learning curve, we created a Markdown “how to” blog post but we also realize that this is still quite a tech-centric feature that just won’t appeal to everyone. Once you go past the easier Markdown commands such as converting text into bold or italics, it forces users to take the time to “figure out” how to do what they want to do rather than it being a naturally intuitive behavior or a one click action.

There are also a number of formatting options that aren’t available in Markdown, such as changing font or centering/left aligning/justifying text. With this in mind, we are exploring the addition of WYSIWYG solutions to optimize your workflow in Buckets.

Clearly formatting your content can significantly improve your task management process, so we want to make it as easy as possible for all of our users to edit their Buckets Checklists and Notes. Having the ability to provide emphasis and highlight content within your Buckets Notes is something that can really increase the clarity and readability of your descriptions within a task. It allows you to further break down the content in each Card in your Buckets Project to create an even more detailed and comprehensive to-do list. With the right formatting, you can add bullet points, quotes, forms, and paragraphs, to turn a muddled display of information into a clear and concise overview of what needs to be done.

By making both MarkdownAllen Stitched 33 Marcus Trojans Jersey White and WYSIWYG available in Buckets, our aim is to cover the needs of all of our users from both a technical and non-technical background. So, for example, if someone has just joined BucketsMarcus Jersey College Stitched Mariota 8 Ducks Green Limited and they’re unfamiliar with Markdown, it’s one less step that they have to navigate whilst learning how to use the system. We’re considering enabling WYSIWYG to make sure that our non-technical users aren’t at a disadvantage because of their lack of experience with Markdown. WYSIWYG is a more familiar option for many people across the board as they probably already use it platforms like Gmail and Wordpress.

As we’re still debating the addition of WYSIWYG, we’d love to get some feedback from our users! Do you use Markdown in Buckets? Or do you find it limiting that WYSIWYG isn’t available? Let us know in the comments section below or get in touch on Twitter @Bucketsdotco!

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Allen Stitched 33 Marcus Trojans Jersey White

Buckets Blog

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Allen Stitched 33 Marcus Trojans Jersey White College